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About Mazi Mobility

Mazi Mobility was founded with a vision to decarbonize mobility in Africa.

Our infrastructure enables motorcycle OEMs to rapidly deploy their vehicles in multiple markets without the hassle of building out different charging and swapping solutions in those markets.

As an interoperable swapping station vendor, we are breaking barriers to entry for companies and reducing friction for motorcycle users facilitating the proliferation of EVs faster than ever before.

Our passionate team combines local knowledge with decades of experience to drive this movement towards a cleaner future for all.

Our Mission

To power Africans into an electrified future.

Our Vision

Mazi is to be Africa's leader in moving people, data and things.

Our Values

Experience the customer

Mazi exists for its customers; by experiencing the customer, we are committing to live in their shoes, understand their struggles and help them at every turn.


Be direct and accept

Execution, execution, execution (3EX)

Founding the future

Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Can the Mazi bike be charged at home?

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Are batteries sold with the bike?

Can I buy the batteries if I don't want to swap?

What is the battery range?

What is the battery voltage and amps hour?

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What is the bike price?

Why is the hub motor better than the mid drive?

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Why is the hub motor better the mid drive?

What's the range of the bike with full charge?

What is the top speed of the bike?

What is the full speed (kph)?

How much load can the Mazi bike carry?

Swapping station:

Where are Mazi stations currently deployed?

Does Mazi have an unlimited swap option for riders?

How long does it take to swap a bike?

What is the cost of a battery swap?

Where are Mazi stations currently deployed?